Fitocrin – 80 pieces

T7 - Fitocrin – 80 pieces

LINE FITOCRIN specific products for the beauty of hair.
Main functional ingredients: CHILLI-MILE-ORTICA

Hair loss intensifies the change of season. The link between nutrition and hair loss, in fact, is scientifically proven: the hair is full-bodied, strong and healthy when our diet is balanced and take vitamins, trace elements and amino acids useful to strengthen hair and nails.
Often, however, our diet does not contain all of these principles.
Food supplements as specific FITOCRIN capsules protect the fiber and the hair bulb, accelerating their growth and giving their brightness and strength. The goal is to nourish the hair keeping it strong, healthy and shiny; FITOCRIN also stimulates the vitality of the hair and helps to strengthen the roots.
The first results are visible after a period of 8 weeks of use: for hair loss prevention is essential, then supplements can be taken even when the hair is simply dull and not very viable.
FITOCRIN is a supplement made from plants naturally rich in substances and specific nutrients to help maintain the health of your hair and skin appendages.

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