Green Forma Tea

T63 - Green Forma Tea

The main functional ingredient is: green tea. GREEN FORMA: depurative tisane with a base of Green Tea. Recent studies demonstrated that substances contained in GREEN TEA have an important anti-oxidant (anti free radicals) and anti-inflammatory action, moreover they could have a positive action on nervous system and in particular on the regulation of the speed with which organism burns fats.
GREEN FORMA is a formula of selected herbs useful to contrast the factors contributing to hydric retention and swelling, among which Fennel and Sudanese Tea.
Thanks to their capability of making easier the natural processes of body depuration, they help the physiologic function favouring liquid draining.
The tisane is prepared leaving in infusion a tea spoonful of herbs during five minutes in a cup or glass of hot water, filter and drink it during the day better on empty stomach; it can be sweetened as you like, preferably with honey. This tisane is a perfect alternative to usual refreshing drinks and an ideal complement for many treatments.

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