Memo PH  - 60pz

T47 - Memo PH - 60pz

MEMO PH: natural food that contains some specific nutrients and energizing substances in particular to promote memory and concentration: the pollen, and royal jelly: natural foods with high energy have a high content of nutrients naturali.L'Euterococco, adaptogen tonic useful in case of physical and mental fatigue; It strengthens the body's defenses and the ability to concentrate intellectual. Lecithin of Soja
It is a substance that provides the body choline (in the form of phosphatidylcholine)
Choline is considered an essential nutrient counted among the complex vitamins B.Ed is involved in many brain functions, including memory.

MEMO PH can be useful to facilitate in a natural way to maintain the optimum state of cells especially of the brain and hence its efficiency (memory and concentration). It is recommended in cases of deficiency in the diet or increased need (physical and psychological stress from work and study super) .dei nutrients it contains, to promote the general welfare.
Recommended use: 1 or 2 capsules per day.
Warning: contains derivatives of corn and soya

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