LievitoVit – 60 pieces

T41 - LievitoVit – 60 pieces

The main functional ingredient is: yeast. LIEVITOVIT is an extraordinary source of vitamins all the B complex, vitamin D, vitamin E, proteins with a high biologic value (all the essential aminoacids) and brings a very high quantity of mineral substances (calcium, phosphore, potassium, magnesium, iron and oligo-elements such as silver, gold, copper, silicate, aluminium). Yeast is a dietary supplement necessary for many pathologic and physiologic conditions, since it is a very high value nutritious food. This formula contains lactic ferments useful to rebalance intestinal bacterial flora and for the good function of intestine.
LievitoVit is naturally rich in oligo-elements and vitamins of B group and can be useful in case of lack of such nutrients or of an increase need for them; it can contribute to disintoxicate and purify the organism, giving well-being and vitality to the whole body.

Recommendations: The use of yeast must be restricted for people with uremia and with gout only, due to the high quantity of proteins contained.
Modalities of use: the adviced dose for an adult is 2 capsules at breakfast and 2 before lunch. It can be also spread on vegetables, soups or even diluted in some water. The quantity must be reduced in proportion for children.

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