Geltre capsules – 600 pieces

T4 - Geltre capsules – 600 pieces

It is a specialty in capsules pepper, plant rich in vitamins including C, A, E enriched Yeast, natural source of B-complex vitamins and wheat germ natural source of the richest in vitamin E.
GELTRE acts favorably on the physiological metabolic activities by activating, for its special formulation balanced naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements. .
This product is particularly indicated for encouraging the physiological functions:

* DIGESTIVE improves digestion times and provides a complete supply of vitamins of group B

* INTESTINE stimulates intestinal peristalsis and promotes transit and evacuation, such as balancing the intestinal flora, prevents fermentation and infections

* LIVER small liver failure, detox seasonal,

* SKIN acne and dermatoses in general.

* SPORTS: thanks to its content in vegetable oils, minerals, and protein, vitamins, plays a strong antioxidant, tonic and tonic.
GELTRE is recommended in case of deficiencies or increased need of nutrients naturally contained
The recommended dose is two capsules for every ten pounds of weight per day with meals
For better efficacy of the product is recommended, more than three months of treatment, stop for one week a month GELTRE and replace it in the meantime with confetti chili or chili powder.

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