T15 - BAOBAB 125g

The Baobab (Adansonia digitata) is native to Central Africa, a region where these plants are relatively widespread and grow naturally.
The Baobab is a majestic plant, which can 'reach a height of 25 meters and a circumference of 50 meters.

The beneficial and therapeutic in some cases are found mostly in the Baobab fruit.

Beneficial properties
The pulp of the baobab and 'rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, which can be up to 300mg per 100g of product (about seven times more than that contained in oranges at the same weight!).
Recall that vitamin C has the highest antioxidant power until now known in nature and that contained in natural foods is assimilated with an effectiveness much higher than the best synthetic formulations.
In addition to vitamin C are present in significant quantities calcium (295 mg. / 100 g. About three times more than milk!), Potassium and phosphorus.
The pulp also contains soluble fiber, which is attributed a prebiotic function, activating the balance of bacterial flora, and insoluble fibers which increase the bowel movement and stool bulk, reducing the risk of developing overweight and constipation.
Finally there are essential amino acids that are particularly useful for quality and digestibility, sportsmen in times of high stress.

Thanks to its active ingredients, the fruit pulp of the baobab acts on the physical as an analgesic, intestinal regulator, immunostimulatory and supplement in case of iron deficiency. It is also why the baobab is considered by indigenous essential nourishment and remedy many ailments and diseases, which has earned the nickname 'tree of life'.

Directions for use
Integration based pulp dehydrated Baobab can be recommended in cases of inflammation or viral activity in progress (for example in the flu) or as prevention in difficult times (autumn / winter) thanks to its antioxidant power.
Used in cycles of 2-3 months it is great as riquilibratore intestinal and for energy recovery, especially in the case of sport.
The recommended dose is 5 g. dissolved in a liquid (water, juice, yogurt) for one or two times a

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