Wild rose oil  30 ml

C53 - Wild rose oil 30 ml

PURE OIL. Oil of Rose (Rosa affinis rubiginosa) growing spontaneously in the Andine region, has a high contents of poly-unsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic 41%, linolenic 39%), responsible for its cosmetic-dermatologic effects, since they are absolutely necessary for the regeneration process of cellular membranes and thus for the renewal of cutaneous tissues.
In addition to essential fatty acids, there is a transretinoic acid, isomer of Vitamin A, the renewing effect on skin of which is demonstrated. Therefore this Oil of Rose is efficient in the treatment of cicatrices (often it eliminates them completely and however it levigates them), of vibices (it attenuates them when still recent, rosy coloured), sun burnings, old age stains, it attenuates expression wrinkles, it acts against premature aging of cutaneous tissues, on dry and damaged skin and also in hair restoring. The oil of rose is very sensible to air, light and changes of temperature, it incurs therefore a high risk of alteration; it must be thus of high quality and certificated, in order to maintain unchanged its contents of substances precious for skin.
Packaging: 30 ml.


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