Red Hot Chili Pepper (Capsicum annuum) belongs to the family Solanacee, like potato, tomato,  tobacco: it is an annual plant and was imported from America by Christopher Columbus just after his discovery.

Plants have a straight stalk, lance and ovate shaped leaves, solitary white flowers, oblong fruit that turns from green to yellow than to red. The drug is composed of a fruit containing capsicin, oily rubefacient substance and capsaicin, responsible for the hot taste.

Moreover 100 grams of hot pepper contain: 15g nitrogenous substances, 1.2g essential oil, 12.5g fixed oil, 20g cellulose, 35g non-nitrogenous substances, 0.05g capsaicin, oleo-resin, capsinthin, carrotenoid red colorant, quercitine, esperidin, erodietina, malonic acid, citro-flavonoids, lecithin, vitamin C, vitamin PP, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin P, vitamin A, mineral salts (potassium, copper, iron, etc...).


This short and simple analysis of chilli infers the richness in vitamins and important enzymes contained. In particular, vitamins are important stimulators of the vitality of tissues and of all the organism, but to be assimilated from foodstuffs these should be first of all consumed crude, in fact a temperature higher than 70°C damages remedilessly any vitamin. Moreover, when vitamins are contained in fruit seeds they must be dried at a temperature lower than 30°C, they must be then reduced in powder, to allow digestive agents assimilate the substances contained.

Hereafter we give a short recapitulation of the properties of the main vitamins contained in chilli. Vitamin C prevents infections, mainly the ones affecting respiratory apparatus. It reduces cholesterol values in blood and impedes its formation on arteries, delaying and preventing one of the diseases of third age: arteriosclerosis. People needing a supplementary dose of vitamin C are: smokers, heavy drinkers, diabetics, moreover vitamin C carries out a protective action mainly correlated to its anti-oxidant role with respect to other vitamins like D and E. Vitamin A and its derivatives, the retinoids, carry out an important role in cellular metabolism by maintaining its morphological and functional integrity; furthermore it increases the resistance to bacterial infections and is efficient for sight problems. Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant that reduces the consumption of oxygen in muscles for more than 40% and has a favorable action on respiratory canals.

Capsor guarantees a careful selection and processing of the various qualities of red hot peppers to obtain a product providing a secure vitamin integration.
Apart from the properties of the vitamins contained, chilli turns out to be particularly efficient in activating venous and capillary circulation, it carries out an emo-dynamic action, is an important anti-oxidant and stimulates the vitality of tissues.
From above considerations we can easily understand that the daily integration with a base of chilli does not only prevents possible problems or troubles due to a disordered and lacking food diet, but guarantees the good function of organs and of all the metabolism.

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