Capsor was founded in  Bologna in 1987, following the publication of the book of Ettore Liuni "Hot Chili Pepper: devil or saint?" where the first studies on therapeutic properties of hot pepper were made public.
 The request for a hot pepper prepared according to  particular rules gave birth to and developed the company of his son Angelo, who always tried to maintain in every product the characteristics of handicraft and high quality.

The control of raw materials is carried out at the origin, in substance just from the cultivation, that is made near the company in on exclusive basis and according to the directives necessary to guarantee more and more a product of quality and of proved efficiency.
The laboratory and the dietary supplements marketed by us are Authorized by the  Ministry of Health.

Capsor has put in close association to the commercial activity a commitment towards research, creating   the Capsor Study Center for the coordination of medical research, the diffusion of the knowledge of the properties of this precious plant and its application in therapeutic ambit.
Today the commercial activity extends from food specialties to dietary supplements, to herbalist products meant for the cure and well-being of people, to cosmetics for face and body.

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